In the year 2001, Carnage is dragged from his cell by an insane genetic
scientist with plans for world domination, involving what man has tried
to achieve since the beginning of time- immortality. These plans go
awry, as Carnage has an unexpected change of character. Traveling with a 
hapless victim of the scientists's research, Cletus Kasady must try to redeem
himself while the two survive as a band of vigilante heroes. They are.....

NOTICE: These stories are meant for an older audience. Though lacking in sexual content, there is graphic violence, and possibly some foul language. Parental guidance is advised. I take no responsibility for any damage caused by irresponsible reading. Copyrights: Cletus Kasady, Carnage, other Marvel characters, and settings are copyright Marvel Entertainment Group, and are used without permission. Jack Arden, and other original characters and locations are copyright myself. Characters and locations appearing in crossovers are copyright their respective companies. This site is not for profit and not intended to infringe on existing copyrights. Fan Art: if anyone whnts to submit fan art to this site, related to the series, I am now accepting it. Just a few rules- 1) no anime/manga art. I didn't intend for the characters to look that way. 2) contact me for questions on character looks if you have any before drawing anything. 3) I must approve the piece before I post it here. 4) .gif or .jpg formats only! 5) no erotic pieces. These will definitely be turned down. And anything featuring the teem in a homosexual situation will ensure the artist being banned from further submissions, and possibly have their ISP contacted. THIS IS NOT A SLASH SERIES!

Year 1

Issue 1
Issue 2
Issue 3
Issue 4
Issue 5
Issue 6, "Shocking Debut"
Issue 7, "Carnage is Back...."
Issue 8, "Patchwork"
Issue 9, "The Alt-World, part 1"
Issue 10, "The Alt-World, part 2"
Issue 11, "The Alt-World, part 3"
Issue 12, "The Alt-World, part 4"
Issue 0, special
Issue 1/2, special
Issue 3/4, comedy special
Issue Omega, "What if......Carnage won?"

Year 2

Issue 13, "Back in Business"
Issue 14, "The Things Men do for Money"
Issue 15, "Raicaak"
Issue 16, "A-Team, part 1"
Issue 17, "A-Team, part 2"
Issue 18, "The General's Daughter's Savior"
Issue 19, "Demonseed Among Us"
Issue 20, "Blood Red, part 1"
Issue 21, "Blood Red, part 2"
Issue 22, "Triazo-mean"
Issue 23, "What it's Worth"
Issue 24, "Back Home"
Issue Gamma, "Mind Game"(special)
Issue Beta, "Epitaph of Raicaak"(special)
Maximum Carnage Dinner Theater(comedy special)


Biography- Jack Arden
Biography- Cletus Kasady
Biography- Carnage
Biography- Aram Jacobs/Patchwork
Biography- General Robert Peterson
Information- Shotgun, coat, Domientius artifacts, remote detonators


Picture- Krylakk
Picture- Domientius artifacts, remote detonators
Drawing- Carnage, face shot(Alt-World period): by J. Anderson
Drawing- Carnage, walking(Alt-World period): by J. Anderson
Drawing- Domientius, the Dark God: by J. Anderson

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