I wanted to pose the Beast Machines Jetstorm toy in hover mode, but the 
problem was, there's no way to stand the toy in its own. However, there's a 
small piece on the robot's butt which sticks out, and since the end has a 
small downward flap, it's perfect to hold a stand. Trick was, where to get a 
stand? The clear stands with the LEGO Star Wars swamp set was suitable, but 
I wasn't about to drop $10 to get one stand. However, my dad has a ready 
supply of spare plexiglass pieces where he works, and the tools to cut it 
and glue strong enough to fuse it together.

 So, I gave him the measurements, and he cut the pieces and glued them. My
original plan was to fix the central stand in the middle of the base, but
it was glued incorrectly. However, I haven't had any balance problems with it.
I may have a second stand made with the central stand in the middle and see
what gives me better balance. 

 If I buy the ultra sized version of Jetstorm, I may try to make a similar
stand for it. I also apologize for the quality of the scans, but the film I
used was a new type, which was very sensitive to the light. You'll notice
my Prime kitbash pictures came out better with a different film.

the pictures

front shot
side shot
assembly diagram


Palmeiro's TF Parts Trading Page:took the time to scan the photos for me. Check it out of you need G1 parts
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