This was the first kitbash project I started on, but the project fell fast
due to poor paints. After my first TM2 Dinobot suffered irrepairable chrome
wear, I bought a new one and dedicated the spare to this project. But the
Testor's paint was too thick, so I stopped the project. However, after I completed
my Decepticon Prime, and figured put spraypaints were more effective, I drug
the project back out. Of course, the parts I had already painted, minus Treadshot's
head, had to be pitched, and I simply used my good TM2 Dinobot instead. 
 This incolved a ot of drilling to get the pins out, and the pins had to be
replaced with screws. I was able to get a good match to AM Treadshot's body
color layout, though I replaced the brown with gold, and gray with silver. I was
even able to match the pink strips on the back, but the back got covered up by
a panel. The Decepticon sticker on the shoulder pad is from a Ravestrike
reproduction sheet. I had also sliced off Treadshot's ear panels in the hopes
of making this a transformable model, but it didn't happen. If I locate another
usable Treadshot head, I may replace it. The head is simply glued on. I also
found that you can spraypaint over the chrome paint, but it may require a few
coats as it doesn't stick as well. I have painted a TM2 Dinobot tail gold and
put it in place since these pictures were taken.

the pictures

full body shot
upper body shot

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