This project stemmed from the fact Transformers and X-Men both had characters
named Onslaught. Basically, I wondered how TF Onslaught would look with the other's
color scheme. Well, after I ordered my Car Robots Vuldigus boxed set, I was
stuck with a few G2 Combaticons I had no use for. Swindle and Brawl were sold off,
since their pin joints left no option to use them for any repaint projects,
but Onslaught was all screws. This was an easy repaint, spraypainting almost all
parts, with little detail painting. However, the red went on thin, and required 
several coats. And in re-assembly, I simply left out the Bruticus shoulder and
foot clips, since they wouldn't be used. I tried to follow Onslaught's red and purple
colors as close as possible, but took a few liberties on color locations, mainly
because I couldn't find any purple enamel paint, and for some reason, mixing red
and blue Testor's does not get you purple.
 The Sentinel was my spare Vortex. I simply painted the blue pieces puple, and applied
the details. The Sentinel took roughly 2 hours, most of that drying time. I removed
the copter fin from the left arm, but left the right fin in place as an arm blade.
I will be adding a chest piece to Onslaught, as soon as I can buy one and paint it.

the pictures

full body shot of both

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