This was based on the fact Obsidian's legs are relatively tiny, and will not
split apart without looking goofy. Plus they're too small to offer the fully
needed support. Sure, you can stand him up fine, but it's uncertain if he'd
stand if the shelf got shaken hard enough. And, it's obvious the toy was designed
for the legs to be a hover mode tail. And I had that convenient piece hanging
from the back, complete with an opening. 
 The original design was more than a simple two-piece design, with pieces attached
to the support stalk to hold the toy steady. But I missed something in my measurements-
a small piece in the opening wasn't as wide as the rest. As a result, the top fit in 
snugly, with the back piece preventing the toy from sliding down. So the extra
parts were scrapped.

the pictures

front shot
side shot
assembly diagram, coming soon

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