There's not much to this one, really. It's a small Spawn statue from a board
game, painted up as Spider-Man villian Carnage. I had received the full
statue someone had painted up(it was solid gray), but they needed the cape
back for a Medieval Spawn they had painted. So, I simply sanded down the spikes,
and painted over with red Testor's enamel(which seemed to be of a better
quality back when I made this), and swirled the black lines over it, with
a finely painted red inner mouth and white eyes. Aside from the large boot
I couldn't file down, it turned out great. As to the hole in the back for the
cape, I filled it in with successive drops of red paint, which after drying,
smoothed out the hole. This was my first repaint, made back in 1997.

the pictures

full body shot
back shot shot

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